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A Natural Complement to Diversified Portfolios

Beyond Forestry offers a unique investment proposition, a bridge between the worlds of finance and sustainable agriculture. We focus primarily on producing and brokering teak, a highly prized wood for which the value continues to increase. As we manage every aspect of growth and harvest with painstaking control, our investors need only reap the rewards.

Timber Investment Properties
While the basic concept of investing in timberland has existed for centuries, more recently discovered are the benefits the asset class can bring to modern institutional portfolios. Some of the world's largest and best-known institutions invest a portion of their portfolios in timber, for a number of compelling reasons:

• Timber produces uncorrelated returns to other asset classes: 75% of the investment
  returns from timber come from the biological growth of the trees, a force of nature that 
  is unaffected by market and economic conditions. For this reason, timber can help
  investors achieve further diversification in their portfolios.

• Timber offers an attractive risk/return profile and minimal volatility: The performance of
  the NCREIF Timberland Index since its 1987 inception is evidencethat timber produces
  relatively high average returns (higher than bonds and most equity classes) with
  relatively low volatility (lower than most equity classes)

• Timber is a natural inflation hedge: Unlike financial assets, timber tends to perform well
  during periods of rising inflation.

• Timber demand is growing and supply is decreasing: International trade in forestry
  products continues to grow as populations increase and consumers improve their
  standard of living. Meanwhile, supply is under pressure as environmental constraints
  restrict harvesting from unsustainable resources.

• Timber is a socially responsible investment: Sustainably managed forestry projects
  improve the land, protect wildlife habitats, and provide employment, while counteracting
  the harmful environmental effects of unrestricted logging.

Why the World Needs Timber?
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