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From Seedling to Sale, an End-to-End Process

Beyond Forestry is immersed in the plantation management process long before trees are even planted. We closely monitor every step to ensure rapid growth of high quality trees and a rewarding return on investment. Our intensive oversight and deep knowledge of the field enables investors to benefit from timber's strong growth potential.

Site Selection: Before establishing a new plantation, we diligently select the right farm in terms of optimal conditions, regarding soil, water access, temperature, percipitation and light. Access to ports and minimal risk of natural disasters is also taken into consideration.

Plantation Establishment: Plantation Establishment: Once an ideal site is chosen, the land undergoes intensive preparation including among others, land preparation (land clearing, sobsoiling, plowing and disking), drainage and irrigation/fertigation systems. We then use a proprietary concept regime, which stands as a point of reference for indication for planting and proceeding operations.

Active Management: Our on-the-ground management team ensures proper irrigation and fertigation proceeding as well as the pruning, weed, insect and plagues control and that other silvicultural requirements are met. Beyond Forestry also manages the commercial thinning and "farming" operations to achieve optimal efficiency.

Return Management: In the business office, we work to ensure our longevity and profitability by negotiating long-term supply contracts and favorable shipping rates. In addition, we supplement the output of our forestry plantations with the production and marketing of plant-based energy sources such as biomass.

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