Talent, Experience and Expertise
functional management team includes a diverse group of prominent specialists
in the fields of finance, forestry and agriculture.
Eran Zakut CEO
Eran possesses more than 18 years of experience in the trading and delivery of agricultural commodities and
consumer goods. In prior roles, he was responsible for establishing global commodity trading networks
incorporating farmers, manufacturers and mass market retailers. In addition, he developed private label
product lines for various leading Israeli chain stores, designing and implementing the process from raw material
and product sourcing to logistics and marketing of the final products.
Eran holds an LLM degree from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.
Itamar Israeli Project Manager
Itamar is an expert in plantation design, establishment and management. Throughout his 35 years experience,
Itamar led large-scale, high-yield plantations, nurseries and farmlands around the world in Israel, Africa and Europe.
He had success as an executor of reforestation projects in Ethiopia, and demonstrated his modern farming techniques
in a wide range of projects. Itamar is well-acquainted with private and public sector agricultural initiatives
as well as specific international development procedures. Itamar graduated from both Nahalal Agricultural and
Sapir College in Israel with a specialization in fruit trees orchards and nurseries, soil and water and plant protection.
Lior Ishai COO
Lior is responsible for establishing and maintaining all of Beyond Forestry's organizational infrastructure such as
computing and databases, as well as leading the organization's marketing efforts. He serves as the liaison between
Beyond Forestry and its agricultural partner, Galiltec Beyond Technologies, coordinating workflow, processes and
internal systems. In prior positions, he has managed teams in maintenance, installation and development processes
for the leading mobile carriers in Israel and for internet firms globally.
Lior holds a BA in management and communications from Tel Aviv Open University.
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