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The World Needs Sustainable Timber Plantations

Natural forests provide diverse benefits to the planet and people. Yet unrestricted logging
has decimated much of the world's timberland. A rising worldwide population and
increased living standards have created an insatiable demand for wood and wood-based
products. As these upward trends continue, the supply of timber continues to shrink.
Worse, rapid deforestation around the world has been proven to contribute to global
warming. Not only do living trees remove harmful carbon dioxide from our atmosphere;
wood-based products use less energy to produce than substitute materials such as
plastics and concrete. Hence, as trees disappear, the harmful effects on our environment
are compounded.

Helping to meet the need
The only viable solution to the world's timber shortage is the massive expansion of
managed timber plantations. Beyond their ability to supply much-needed timber, well-
managed and sustainable plantations have many related benefits, including:

• Ensuring timber is sold for the most appropriate end use, thus reducing waste.
• Diverting logging away from natural forests and restoring lands that have been
  logged irresponsibly.
• Growing and harvesting trees more efficiently than would occur in natural forests,
  thus using far less land and resources to meet a certain demand.
• Adding more trees to the earth's surface to slow global warming through the carbon-
  reducing effects in our atmosphere.
• Providing employment and economic growth in areas where timber plantations are

Through our intensive timber management process, Beyond Forestry is making a positive
contribution to humanity and the earth itself. Our ability to produce trees three times
faster than traditional plantations only compounds the benefits. We invite investors to
join us in an extremely rewarding investment opportunity.

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